In 2015, Hydro-Québec presented a proposed line route and the area where it planned to construct the new substation to local stakeholders and affected landowners. This consultation provided the opportunity to collect their concerns and comments.

Hydro-Québec was able to optimize the location of the substation and the line route in response to that feedback.

The substation will be located on Chemin du Ruisseau–Le Bourdais, close to the 230-kV transmission line corridor.

This location will make it possible to keep the substation’s supply lines short.

Substation characteristics

The fenced area of the substation will measure about 125 m by 80 m. Drainage ditches and vehicle access will be built around the fence perimeter. In total, the substation requires a lot approximately 150 m by 105 m.

An access road about 250 m long from Chemin du Ruisseau–Le Bourdais will also need to be built. The road will have a driving surface 8 m wide and a total width of about 20 m, including ditches. Underground conduits will be run under the road to connect the substation to the 25-kV distribution system.

Work will be carried out on Chemin du Ruisseau–Le Bourdais between its intersection with Highway 153 and the planned substation access road to increase its bearing capacity in preparation for the substation construction work.

Line characteristics

The substation will be supplied by two new 230-kV tap lines about 250 m long connected to existing 230-kV lines. The tap lines will be supported by two new steel lattice towers located at the substation entrance.

Work will be required on circuits 2358 and 2331 to accommodate the substation tap lines. Towers 374 and 376 on circuit 2358 will be replaced to give a slight angle to the conductors. Tower 375 on circuit 2358 and tower 370 on circuit 2331 will be replaced to allow the tap lines to cross the existing lines.