Least bittern, Montérégie © Dominic Gendron

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The Foundation funds concrete initiatives that have positive environmental and social impacts and that serve the interests of local communities throughout Québec.

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The Foundation has funded more than 270 projects since 2001.

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The Foundation: some statistics
Its contribution since 2001:

$14.8 million

272 projects in all Québec regions

64 plant and animal species that are threatened or vulnerable benefited from Foundation projects

166 species likely to be designated threatened or vulnerable

Environments affected by the projects of more than 155 organizations

11,183 hectares of lands and forests

9,103 hectares of wetlands

146 lakes, rivers and streams

Funding application deadline: no later than February 1 or September 15 of each year

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Ostrich fern, Montérégie © Martine Hamel

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