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The Fondation Hydro-Québec pour l'environnement is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help Québec communities develop a sense of ownership of their environment, enjoy it responsibly and pass on their natural heritage to future generations.


The Foundation funds tangible initiatives that have positive environmental and social impacts and that serve the interests of local communities throughout Québec. It partners with local organizations on projects designed to:

  • protect, restore and enhance natural habitats, and
  • educate target audiences about local environmental issues.

These two objectives go hand in hand: a protection or rehabilitation project will have no future if the people likely to have impacts on the site do not feel involved in the project's environmental issues. On the other hand, the message of an awareness-raising or educational activity will go unheeded if it does not give people ways to make a difference in their environment.

Educating the public about general environmental issues is not part of the Foundation's mission; rather, we support projects that are likely to have positive impacts on specific natural areas. Educational projects satisfy this criterion if they focus on changing the way specific target groups behave with respect to the natural environment around them.


  • Support local initiatives that reflect the desire of local communities to take charge of their environment
  • Focus on joint projects that benefit from the expertise and active support of a number of partners
  • Fund initiatives with positive and tangible environmental and social impacts

The Team

Board of directors

  • Stella Leney
    Vice President – Corporate Affairs and Secretary General, Hydro-Québec
  • Michel Bérubé
  • André Besner
    General Manager – Environment, Hydro-Québec
  • Armand Couture
  • Chantal d'Auteuil
    Executive Director – Association des biologistes du Québec
  • Francine Émond
  • Claude Grondin
    Director – Wildlife Initiatives, Fondation de la faune du Québec
  • Gilles Lemieux
    Regional Director – Production Manicouagan, Hydro-Québec Production
  • Louise Pelletier
  • Myriam Truchon
    Manager – Regional Affairs and Communities, Hydro-Québec

Management and staff

  • Carlo Gagliardi
    Executive director
  • Martine Hamel
    Project Coordinator
  • Raphaël Thibault Gobeil
    Project Coordinator

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