Have an innovative projet? We’ve got solutions!

The Customized Option might be just the ticket! By implementing innovative measures that are specifically right for your company, you could achieve recurrent energy savings and cut your operating costs.

Is your project eligible for the Simplified Option?

You can’t submit a customized project unless the energy efficiency measures you want to implement are ineligible for the Simplified Option. First, check whether your project involves measures eligible under the Simplified Option.

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Benefit from financial assistance

Obtain financial assistance and enjoy advice and technical support throughout your major construction, expansion or retrofit project. The amount will be based on the nature and scope of your project. A number of factors, such as the eligible electricity savings, payback period (for electricity savings) and percentage of costs eligible, will be taken into account, along with the analysis of energy savings achieved. It could be up to 30¢/kWh.

Benefits of Customized Option

You’ll enjoy a number of benefits under the Program:

  • An advisory service offering customized solutions to meet your needs
  • Financial assistance that definitely makes your investment more worthwhile
  • Greater energy efficiency that will lower your operating costs
  • A flexible source of energy from a sole energy supplier that covers all your energy needs (lighting, heating, cooling, etc.)
  • Clean power, over 99% renewable, that helps you position your company as environmentally responsible

Think you’re eligible for the Customized Option?

Work with us on your construction or renovation project! Our experts will advise you on the best technological options, right from the design phase.

Find out the terms and conditions and steps to follow: Participant’s Guide [PDF 1.09 MB – in French only]

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