Important Notice

Phishing e-mails
Phishing e-mails with Hydro-Québec’s logo are currently in circulation. Do not click on any hyperlinks it may contain, because you will be redirected to a fake Web site with the same look and feel as Hydro-Québec’s.

Voice phishing
Hydro-Québec never contacts customers to ask for payment by credit card. If you receive such a call, inform your local police force.

Fraud prevention

Energy for all Quebecers

63 hydropower generating

150 530 km of transmission
and distribution lines

4.2 million


Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Big ambitions for our customers and all of Québec

Hydro-Québec proudly presents its Strategic Plan 2016-2020: Setting new sights with our clean energy. This plan places customers at the heart of Hydro-Québec’s priorities and sets new growth avenues for the company through the acquisition of assets or stakes, among other things.

Consult the Strategic Plan 2016-2020