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Phishing e-mails
Phishing e-mails with Hydro-Québec’s logo are currently in circulation. Do not click on any hyperlinks it may contain, because you will be redirected to a fake Web site with the same look and feel as Hydro-Québec’s.

Voice phishing
Hydro-Québec never contacts customers to ask for payment by credit card. If you receive such a call, inform your local police force.

Fraud prevention

Energy for all Quebecers

62 hydropower generating

151 086 km of transmission
and distribution lines

4.2 million


Annual Report 2016

Hydro-Québec’s net income remained high in 2016, at $2,861 million, even as temperatures returned to near normal on the Québec market after two years marked by very cold winters. The company was able to capitalize on its commercial and operational expertise to export a record volume of electricity, which mitigated the impact of lower prices on energy markets. For a fourth consecutive year, Hydro-Québec’s contribution to the revenue of its sole shareholder, the Québec government, has exceeded the $4-billion mark.

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