An innovative project to serve an engaged community.

Lac-Mégantic is a city that is looking to the future and focusing on innovation. The region’s commitment to sustainable development and the community’s efforts to rebuild the downtown area make Lac-Mégantic the ideal place to implement the most advanced energy technologies.

Lac-Mégantic’s microgrid will be adapted to the municipality’s reality and will evolve as the downtown area is redeveloped.

The Lac-Mégantic microgrid

  • It is a community-centered initiative.
  • It meets the needs of local users.
  • It comprises various interconnected energy generation, storage, management and control components.
  • It is connected to Hydro-Québec’s main grid and can function independently.

How does a microgrid work?

Watch the video and find out how microgrids work.

Duration : 1 minutes 14 seconds

Nature of the Lac-Mégantic project

About 30 buildings

Batteries able to store over 300 kWh of energy

Up to 1 000 electricity-generating solar panels

Microgrid technologies

  • Solar panels to generate electricity
  • Batteries to store energy
  • Home automation devices for better energy management
  • Electric vehicles and charging stations

Perimeter of the microgrid

Potential benefits

For customers

  • Lower power consumption
  • Uninterrupted service to certain buildings during outages
  • Greater comfort

For Hydro-Québec and the community

  • Development of better energy-efficiency practices
  • Avoided grid-investment costs
  • Reduced peak power purchases

Main project phases

Main project phases

  • Planning/design (in progress)
  • Implementation/construction
  • Deployment/gradual (summer 2019)


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For more information about the rebuilding of Lac-Mégantic’s downtown, see (Web site in French only)