We’re working on many fronts to serve you better every day. Find out how.

We’re improving our services.

Web site, mobile app, social media, online and phone services—these are some of the tools that help us stay in touch with you.

21 online services

You’ll be surprised at everything you can do in your Customer Space!

Track your electricity use to the hour, thanks to communicating meters.

28.5 more hours a week to answer your calls, now that our customer services are available weeknights and weekends

4,244,541 contracts

You can also reach us on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re on the scene of an outage faster than ever.

Each year, Hydro-Québec invests in projects and initiatives with a view to preventing outages and reducing their duration.

258,512 km of transmission and distribution lines

Thanks to our 3.9 million communicating meters, we can detect outages quickly and monitor them in real time.

We’re installing automated equipment on the distribution system to allow us to perform operations remotely, resulting in a faster response.

$56.5 million is invested each year in controlling vegetation to prevent outages. We plan to do even more in the coming years.

On-the-job mentoring helps lineworkers become productive quickly.

We keep your lights on by making sure the power system is reliable.

We do our utmost to keep our grid a globally recognized benchmark for reliability.

$2.2 billion in annual, recurrent investments in system maintenance and expansion

14,000 km of fibre optic cables in our telecommunications network, through which we manage, monitor and operate our facilities in real time

6 high-voltage transmission lines at 735-kV connect our major generating stations to greater Montréal for a vast and reliable network

65,419 transmission towers

175 metres the height of our tallest tower