1. Sign a transmission service agreement in two copies

The transmission service agreement provides CRT with the customer’s nominal information as well as the specific features of the requested transaction. Based on the duration of the required service, you must sign one of the following two agreements or both:

  • A service agreement for firm long-term point-to-point transmission service (one year or more);
  • An umbrella service agreement for firm or non-firm short-term point-to-point transmission service (less than one year).

Note: A request for long-term firm point-to-point transmission service must be accompanied by a deposit equivalent to one month of service, in accordance with the OATT. The applicable waiting period depends on the transmission service required.

If you are already an HQT transmission service customer, you do not have to complete sections 2 to 5. However, sections 1 and 6 must be completed.

2. Sign a declaration of eligibility

As an eligible customer, you must sign a declaration to the effect that you are eligible, meaning that you do not own, control or operate transmission facilities. If this is not the case, you must offer CRT service reciprocity by sending it your transmission system access rules.

3. Provide all required financial information

Prior to the execution of any transmission service by CRT, it must evaluate your creditworthiness and a credit offer must be signed by the parties. To obtain an unsecured credit limit, the eligible customer must provide the following documents:

  • All current reports issued by recognized credit rating agencies;
  • Annual financial statements for the three most recent financial years, or the period of existence, if shorter. The financial statements must have been audited by an independent auditor;
  • Unaudited consolidated financial statements for the most recent financial quarters with comparable quarterly results for the previous year;
  • Any information requested by CRT, such as the DUNS number.

After the information has been analyzed, if you meet CRT’s creditworthiness requirements, you will receive an unsecured credit limit based on your credit strength and transmission service needs.

If you do not meet the creditworthiness requirements or if you decide to provide other forms of guarantee or if you require credit beyond your authorized credit limit, you must comply with CRT’s requirements by taking one of the following actions:

  • Provide financial security that can take the form of an unconditional and irrevocable standby letter of credit or a surety bond from an affiliate that meets CRT’s creditworthiness requirements and provide the above-mentioned required documents;


  • Prepay the transmission service to be received.

4. Send the permit number issued by the National Energy Board (NEB)

Any eligible customer wishing to export electricity generated in Canada to the United States must obtain a permit from the NEB. The NEB Web site contains information on how to obtain the permit. The permit number issued by the NEB must be sent to CRT.

5. Send the Oasis code and the Purchasing/Selling Entities (PSE) code

Transmission service requests are made using the HQT’s OASIS system, which is hosted on the Web site of Open Access Technologies International Inc. (OATI). To become a customer, you must obtain a webCARES security certificate from OATI before you can access the webOASIS site to reserve transmission services. You may apply for a security certificate online at; the certificate is subject to applicable fees.

The Oasis code and the PSE code must be sent to CRT.

6. Send the DOE Docket number and the ST-120 form Resale Certificate

The customer submitting its first transmission service request to Canada must provide CRT with the following information:

  • For transmission requests to Canada over the Long Sault system, the Department of Energy (DOE) Docket No. for U.S. exports;
  • A Resale Certificate (form ST-120) with the Blanket Certificate box checked, exempting CRT from collecting New York State sales tax.

Sending the request

All the information that is required to complete the transmission service request must be sent with the written request to the following address:

Cedars Rapids Transmission Company Limited
944, rue Principale
Rivière-Beaudette (Québec)  J0P 1R0

Additional information

Once the request is accepted, you must provide, at CRT’s request, the names of the resource persons for general administration, the finance and legal departments, trading transactions and accounts payable.

Any additional information about the registration process must be e-mailed to

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