To promote intersystem transactions and increase flexibility for deliveries between the HQT network and the State of New York, HQT reserves the entire transmission capacity available on CRT system. CRT charges are rolled into HQT rate.

In addition, CRT reserves all of the available transmission capacity on the Long Sault system. The reservation rate on the Long Sault system cannot be rolled into the HQT rate since the transmission system is located in the United States. For reservations over paths HQT-DEN and DEN-HQT, there is a US$1.58/MWh surcharge on top of the applicable HQT rate. This additional charge is billed on the basis of the reservation, both Parent and Redirect, on paths HQT-DEN or DEN-HQT. In the case of Redirects from HQT-DEN (or DEN-HQT) to another path, this charge is credited for the time period of the Redirect, if the Redirect is carried out on a firm basis, and is maintained if the Redirect is carried out on an non-firm basis.

CRT has mandated HQT to market transmission capacity on the CRT system to Dennison substation. Therefore, customers who wish to apply for transmission service for the HQT-DEN, DEN-HQT and HQT-CORN paths must become a HQT customer. Additionally, for the HQT-DEN and DEN-HQT paths, they must also become a CRT customer. Reservation requests are made via the OASIS website of HQT.

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