All of HydroQuébec’s data on direct GHG emission factors from energy sources on Québec’s import and export markets. Updated yearly.


Data from public sources outside Hydro-Québec is extracted and compiled. The direct GHG emission factors are presented for each energy source on an external market from which Québec can import energy or to which it can export energy.

Generating stations powered by renewable energy sources do not produce direct GHG emissions.

Sources of GHG emissions by generating stations powered by fossil fuels:

The GHG emission values from electricity generation in New York State, New England and by MISO and PJM are calculated based on GHG emissions from generating stations that are published in the Environmental Protection Agency’s eGRID database ( The GHG emission values from electricity generation in New Brunswick and Ontario come from the federal government ( and IESO, respectively. All these values differ from the recommended values by the Regulation to amend the Regulation respecting mandatory reporting of certain emissions of contaminants into the atmosphere (in French only).

Additional information

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