All of Hydro-Québec’s historical data on electricity demand in Québec in megawatts. The data is available on an hourly basis and is collected annually. The data shows the variations in electricity needs based on the time of day.

Useful information for interpreting the data

The open data in this data set is calculated in real time by Hydro-Québec’s System Control Center. The data is provided for information purposes only and cannot be used as official data.

The official data (sent to the Régie de l’énergie du Québec) is available here: History of electricity generation and consumption data in Québec.

Electricity demand for one hour corresponds to the total average demand during that hour.

The data is determined at the end of a time period. For example, the average hourly demand associated with 2019‑01‑01 2:00 is the average of the data collected from 2019‑01‑01 1:05 to 2019‑01‑01 2:00.

Description of labels

The files can contain text data (e.g., Montréal), numerical data (e.g., 2021‑05‑21) or geometric data (e.g., 46°48'44"). They are organized based on specific labels, which correspond to categories. The labels and their descriptions are provided below.

  • Date: date and time the measurement was taken
  • Demande (MW) (numerical): total average electricity demand in megawatts (MW)

Additional information

  • Publisher/Author: Hydro‑Québec
  • Update frequency: Annually
  • Sampling frequency: hourly
  • Language: French
  • Geographic coverage: province of Québec, except regions supplied by off-grid systems
  • Temporal coverage: Annually
  • Last modified on: 2024-03-11
  • Initial distribution: 2023-04-05
  • Licence: Creative Commons CC‑BY‑NC 4.0
  • Notices and conditions of use: The information provided represents raw data, comes without a guarantee of quality and is subject to change without notice.