Geolocated hydrometric data collected or calculated at Hydro-Québec facilities:

  • Daily inflows and natural inflows in lakes and reservoirs
  • Spill flows into discharge structures
  • Turbine flows at generating stations

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Hydrometric data (at Hydro-Québec facilities)




Inflows and natural inflows

Data on daily inflows and natural inflows in lakes and reservoirs are estimated based on measurement transformations in the field. They are provided daily by a hydrologist.

Spill flows

Spill flows are calculated using a transfer function based on data on water levels at facilities and upstream and downstream of facilities, and data on gate openings and the number of stoplogs.

Turbine flows

Turbine flows are calculated using a transfer function based on power generation data, working generating units and data on upstream and downstream water levels at facilities.

Description of labels

  • site : grouping of the elements of an installation.
    • identifiant : unique identification code.
    • nom : site name.
    • xcoord, ycoord: coordinates are expressed in decimal degrees.
    • Zcoord : altitude in meters.
    • date debut : generic date corresponding to the commissioning of the site.
    • date fin : generic date corresponding to the decommissioning of the site.
    • nom_unite_administrative : name of the administrative unit, specific to Hydro-Québec.
    • composition : description and location of the data set.
      • type_point_donnee : definition of the measure.
      • type_mesure : aggregation of the measure.
      • nom_unite_mesure : unit of measurement.
      • pas_temps : measurement frequency ("Journalier” or “Horaire”).
      • donnees : date and time of the measurement, in UTC.


  • Inflows and natural inflows: m3/s

Additional information

  • Editor/author: Hydro-Québec
  • Update frequency: twice daily
  • Sampling frequency: daily (natural inflows) and hourly. There is a three-day delay for the Nord-du-Québec and Côte Nord regions.
  • Language: French
  • Geographic coverage: lakes and reservoirs where Hydro-Québec has generating facilities
  • Temporal coverage: 10 days
  • Updated: 2022-14-02
  • Created: 2021-06-12
  • License: Creative Commons CC-BY-NC 4.0
  • Notices and conditions of use: The information provided represents raw data. It is without a guarantee of quality and subject to change without notice.