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Every time you use an electrical appliance, you're consuming power. Since there's a cost to consuming this power, meters record the exact amount of electricity (kilowatthours) that flows into a building. Hydro-Qubec's power system stops at the electricity meter in your home.

Calculating your consumption

To calculate your consumption, Hydro-Qubec subtracts your previous meter reading from your current reading.

The difference is multiplied by a figure that is shown on the meter, usually 10 (MULT 10).

If the needle is between two numbers, take the smaller number. If it points between 9 and 0, take the 9.

The reading for the current period is: 7,523
The reading for the previous period was: - 7,300
The difference between the two is: = 223
This difference, multiplied by 10, gives: 2,230

2,230 is the number of kilowatthours that will be billed.

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