Biomass, Hydrogen and Solar


Biomass is defined as all materials derived from the decomposition of living cells – excluding fossil fuels – that can produce energy. These substances can produce gas, such as methane, or can be burned to generate heat.

Québec has vast quantities of peat that could be mined cost-effectively to generate energy.

Types of biomass energy facilities
Biomass-fired thermal generating station
  • Plant material
  • Farm-based organic waste
  • Forestry residues
  • Organic residues from water treatment plants
  • Peat
Biogas plants – Methanization
  • Gas produced naturally; for example, in landfill sites

Solar and hydrogen

Solar and hydrogen are other forms of energy that are drawing a lot of interest. Although their use is limited to experimental projects for the time being, they could one day occupy an important place on the Québec energy scene.

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