Inspection and maintenance innovations for overhead power distribution equipment

Hydro-Québec has developed high-tech line inspection solutions for power distribution systems, no matter where they are. Our technology will detect anomalies and, in many cases, correct them with ease.

LineROVer – A compact robot for inspecting overhead lines

The lightweight and compact LineROVer was originally developed for de-icing overhead ground wires and conductors. Over time, many additional overhead transmission line inspection and maintenance applications have been found for this remotely-operated robot that can operate even on energized lines.

LineROVer is simple to use and install and is the ideal tool for a wide range of work in hard-to-reach locations.

LineROVer benefits

  • Continuity of service: Works on energized lines without interrupting service
  • Lightweight: 23-kg vehicle that can be used on small-gauge cables
  • Portability: Compact for easy transportation and deployment
  • Simplicity: Easy to operate
  • Flexibility: Able to negotiate splice sleeves
  • Versatility: Compatible with most conductor types
  • Ruggedness: Reliable mechanical and electronics systems
  • Very high traction

LineROVer applications

  • Visual inspection
  • Verification of splice condition (by measuring resistance)
  • Infrared imaging
  • Corrosion detection (using the LineCore sensor)
  • Overhead ground wire and conductor de-icing
  • Replacement of conductors, overhead ground wires and optical ground wires (OPGW) using the cradle block method
  • Conductor repair

Typical LineROVer use cases

  • Hard-to-reach segments, such as spans in mountainous or agricultural regions and water, distribution line, highway and railway crossings
  • Lines exposed to conditions likely to reduce equipment service life:
    • Marine climate, atmospheric pollution
    • Areas subject to adverse weather conditions (wind, lightning, ice, etc.)
  • Strategic segments where continuity of service is essential (interconnection with neighboring systems, supplies to industrial or densely populated areas)

Value creation

  • Increased productivity compared to other inspection and repair methods
  • Reduced asset downtime
  • Non-destructive in situ evaluations
  • Precise and detailed data to support maintenance decisions
  • Reduced costs through deferred capital spending
  • Prioritization of asset maintenance projects
  • Extended equipment service life
  • Reduced risk and increased asset stability and reliability
  • Enhanced worker health and safety


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  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Dimensions: 44 cm L x 64 cm H x 40 cm D
  • Conductor diameter: 10 to 37 mm
  • Maximum splice sleeve diameter: 55 mm
  • Continuous traction: 670 N
  • Battery life: 45 minutes to many hours, depending on task
  • Remote control range: 1 km
  • Electromagnetic immunity: 315 kV/1000A
  • Operating temperature: −10°C to +35°C