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Every visit to a generating station informs me about the development of our Québec resources. Our guide is lively, knowledgeable and inspired by Hydro-Québec’s mission.
I learned many things. It was very interesting, well-developed explanations. The tour guide has strong interpersonal skills and a passion for what he does.
Very good guide. Comprehensive information.
This is my 6th generating station. Always interesting.
Thank you, very interesting visit.
It’s gigantic. You have to see it once in your life.

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Remarkable guide, nice, competent, explained things very clearly. She made me want to tour other Hydro-Québec facilities.
Very interesting and rewarding tour. A lot of information on many subjects related to the generating station. Greatly appreciated.
It’s worth the long drive.
Impressive facilities!
An extraordinary visit. Bravo!

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I’m amazed by the knowledge demonstrated by our young guide, Frédéric.
There are seven wonders of the world. Has anyone thought of counting Baie-James (James Bay) as the eighth?
A good tour experience all along. Clean, well-maintained facilities. My congratulations and thanks.
Excellent program. Good balance between the technical information and historical facts.
Marie-Hélène is very professional, explains things very well. Thank you.
Very interesting. I learnt a lot. I’m going to recommend it to a lot of people.

Diane Dubuc, Nicolet

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Once again, I’m in awe of all the work of our Québec builders and intellectuals. Excellent work, guides!

Two guides at Manic-5 generating station 20 years ago!

Very good guide, very instructive and lively tour. Thank you.

Famille Nougier, Courteuil, Picardie, France

Discovering a wonder thought up, created by human beings is a gift. A great big thank-you to everyone for their friendliness and their knowledge.

Solange Roy, Québec

An extremely interesting visit that helped us understand how a generating station works.

Francine and Pierre St-Laurent, Sherbrooke

Very, very interesting. Even better than I expected! The guides are motivated and considerate towards tourists and visitors!

Évelyne and Robert, Pierrefonds

A very rewarding visit! Human genius has no limits! It’s incredible. Impressive!

Suzie Bouchard, Sherbrooke

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Very interesting. We won’t take our electricity for granted anymore.

Louise and Alain Dumont, Val-David

Impressive. It’s outsized, pure and simple. Thank you for the very well guided and much appreciated tour.

Ginette Paquette, Victoriaville

Thank you so much! It was a wonderful tour. My father worked on the dam, so this was a very special occasion for me.

Johanne Boucher

A childhood dream come true!

Micheline Poulin, Chartierville

We really liked it. We came all the way from Terrebonne to see the dam, and it was worth the trip!

Hélène Tessier and Renald Lavigne

A really nice tour. It’s magnificent. The guide really knows his history and is enthusiastic about passing it on.

Jocelyne Chevarie

All-round excellent. WOW.

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Thanks very much. Very well explained, with a lovely smile and a sense of humor.
Good explanation of the site and the technology.
I really appreciated the knowledgeable guide and her explanations. Thank you.
Thank you very much. I think it’s great that we can tour our generating stations.
Very good initiative on the part of management.

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Worth the visit. Everyone should tell other people to come, too. Thank you.
Wonderful visit!
My son loved it. Thank you.
Marie-Noëlle is a fantastic guide. She makes good use of the materials when she explains things. Congratulations.
Thank you for offering these tours.
Thanks for offering these tours.

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Thank you, Simon, for a great guided tour.
Lots of interaction, very rewarding.
Really well done! The guide gave us a great tour of the generating station.
Very interesting and friendly guides. Thank you!

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Visit of the generating station = fascinating.
It was pretty cool to see the facilities.
Really well organized. Interesting experiences for everyone: children + adults alike.
A must-see to understand Québec and its regions, their place in history and development and the province’s ability to create.
It’s the only place where we can see generating units with a horizontal axis.
Amazing place!

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It was a most wonderful experience—both the workshop and the guided tour! Merci!
he trip here with summer camp was fantastic—everyone loved the science facts and we were so fascinated to learn new things. Thank you for the warm welcome.
Fantastic! Very informative and enjoyable. Thank you!
Super organized—loads of fun and so much to learn!
Best field trip everrrrrrr!
Super! Everyone should take advantage of it.

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Very interesting. I got answers to questions I’d wondered about for ages.
I’ll recommend this tour. Bravo!
It’s very important to know about our resources.
Very pleased with the tour. I’ll tell my family and friends all about it.
Enthusiastic, pleasant guide. Very knowledgeable about the generating station’s history.

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Wow! I’ve discovered a part of history I never knew anything about.
Very interesting and instructive.
Art, history, technology: the tour covers a lot of bases!
A good, easy-to-understand tour. More people should take advantage of it.
Interesting, knowledgeable guides. A big thank-you.

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Thank you for the tour. I’m coming back to see the screens on the first floor.
The Centre is fantastic!
Good information. It has encouraged me to find out more about processes and choosing materials.
Very interesting! I’d like to have an even more specialized tour, but this one for the general public was very good!
Very informative! Thank you!
A truly wonderful tour. Our guide, Vanessa, was super interesting and really enthusiastic.

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Thank you. Very good guide and great tour. The children learned a lot.
Super tour. Thank you very much.
Well explained for everyone in the family.
Really great tour. Bravo to the guide.
Great tour. It’s important to keep these facilities accessible.