Visit Québec’s first electric microgrid and discover advanced energy technologies.

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Lac-Mégantic: Looking toward an innovative future

Following the July 2013 rail disaster and the destruction of its downtown core, Lac‑Mégantic faced multiple challenges: physical reconstruction, social rehabilitation and economic diversification, to name but a few. Yet, as early as 2014, Lac-Mégantic was already starting to bounce back and turn its gaze forward.

The reconstruction process was launched, and with it came a whole new vision of the district.

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Did you know?

An electric microgrid:

  • is a community-centered initiative
  • meets the needs of local users
  • consists of interconnected components for:
    • energy generation
    • energy storage
    • energy management and control

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Our guides know what they’re talking about. They’ve been specially trained to make sure you have a rewarding experience that meets your expectations. They’ll be delighted to tailor your tour to match the goal you have in mind and the profile of your group.

Our interactive educational tours are full of facts and most of them are fun for the entire family. Don’t be shy about asking questions: our guides are very knowledgeable. Your curiosity will be satisfied!

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Schedule and practical information

Schedule and practical information



Summer Schedule

Guided tours and exhibition at the train station all summer.

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tours in English might be available upon request.

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What you should know


The tour will be given outdoors. Please dress accordingly

Free guided tours

Tours are led by qualified, dynamic guides.

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  • Picnic area
  • Free parking
  • Charging station for electric vehicule
  • Near a bicycle path
  • Partially accessible to persons with a physical impairment
  • Restrooms


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How to get there


5490 Rue Komery, Lac-Mégantic, QC G6B 2H1

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