Centre for Sustainable Development*

IMPORTANT – Guided tours are suspended until further notice. See the list of facilities open to the public.

Visit one of the most ecofriendly buildings in Québec!

* Centre for Sustainable Development is a Hydro-Québec partner The following content is not accessible

A building like no other!

Take a tour of the Centre for Sustainable Development, organized in conjunction with Équiterre, and discover Québec’s first building with LEED-NC (New Construction) Platinum certification.

Don’t miss the chance to see one of the greenest buildings in Québec and learn more about environmentally and socially responsible construction and sustainable development.

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Did you know?

Living wall

The green wall inside the Centre for Sustainable Development is five storeys high! In addition to purifying the indoor air, it helps lower the temperature by up to 5°C and humidifies the air.

Green roof

The Centre for Sustainable Development’s green roof can absorb up to 23,000 L of rainwater, taking pressure off Montréal’s storm sewers and limiting the number of times sewage overflows into the river.

Innovation under your feet

The Centre for Sustainable Development tried out a new method of making concrete—with powdered glass. Its two experimental slabs contain enough glass to make 1,000 wine bottles!

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Question from: Jean-Michel, Montréal

Answer from: Félix, tour guide at the Center for Sustainable Development

How does the green wall filter the air we breathe?
Micro-organisms living on the plants’ roots dissolve the pollutants in water as the air goes through the wall.

Question from: Joseph, Montréal

Answer from: Maude, tour guide at the Center for Sustainable Development

Is it true that a building’s indoor air can often be of poorer quality than the outside air, even in downtown Montréal?
Yes! Human activity (breathing, materials, cleaning products, etc.) inside a building has harmful effects on the air. The Centre for Sustainable Development is very airtight, so stale air must be expelled and replaced with fresh air from outside.

Question from: Karine, Montréal

Answer from: Joannie, tour guide at the Centre for Sustainable Development

Why is the flooring on the second storey not raised like floors on the other levels?
A building is a complex structure and its many purposes and occupants’ needs must be taken into account. The main reason why the second-storey flooring isn’t raised is the presence of children. Most of the second storey is occupied by an early childhood centre, and kids could drop things, like food, into the gap between the concrete and the flooring.

Follow the guides!

Our guides know what they’re talking about. They’ve been specially trained to make sure you have a rewarding experience that meets your expectations.

Our interactive educational tours are full of facts and most of them are fun for the entire family. Don’t be shy about asking questions: our guides are very knowledgeable. Your curiosity will be satisfied!

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School tours

School tours

A tour of the Centre for Sustainable Development is offered to high school groups in combination with a visit to Hydro-Québec’s head office.

The main subject areas covered are environmental awareness and consumer rights and responsibilities.

Students will learn about sustainable development and the strategies used in this innovative building, such as energy efficiency, geothermal energy, the green wall, the green roof and the experimental concrete slab.

Your students should be inspired by such concern for the environment and apply some of what they learn to their daily lives.

Get to the Centre by metro or bus!

Schedule and practical information

Maximum number of visitors

The maximum capacity is 40 students divided into two groups. One group visits the Centre for Sustainable Development, while the other visits Hydro-Québec’s head office. Then they switch.


These are the recommended ratios for adults accompanying groups:

  • Ages 12 to 17: 1 adult for every 1 to 20 pupils

For safety’s sake, teachers and accompanying adults must remain with their charges throughout the tour and help the guides.

Tour packages


Combine a visit to the head office and the Centre for Sustainable Development with a tour of a hydropower station or Hydro-Québec’s electricity interpretation centre, The Électrium. Have an electrifying day!

Ask about combination tours when booking.

Pre-visit preparation

Hydro-Québec offers quality teaching resources to help you explain various concepts related to electricity, such as sustainability, energy efficiency, the environment and safety.

How about a preview before you bring your class? Just ask.

Age-appropriate tours

Tours of Hydro-Québec facilities are an excellent complement to the Québec Education Program. They reinforce the acquisition and development of several competencies in the areas of math, science and technology, social science and more.

Broad Areas of Learning

  • Personal and career planning
  • Environmental awareness and consumer rights and responsibilities

Areas of learning and competencies

  • Science and Technology: Competency 2 and 3
  • Social Sciences: Competency 1
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Visitors’ comments

Read more comments
Thank you for the tour. I’m coming back to see the screens on the first floor.
The Centre is fantastic!
Good information. It has encouraged me to find out more about processes and choosing materials.
Very interesting! I’d like to have an even more specialized tour, but this one for the general public was very good!
Very informative! Thank you!

Schedule and practical information

Schedule and practical information



Schedule for the guided tours (Five people or less)

Temporarily closed
Consult the list of facilities open to the public.

Groups of five or more must take the specialized visit offered by Équiterre. Costs apply.
Reservations required

Length of tour

75 minutes

School groups - Secondary

Open year-round

Monday to Friday
At a time of your convenience
Depending on availability

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What you should know

Free guided tours

Tours are led by qualified, dynamic guides.

Time of arrival

Tours start at set times. You should be there 15 minutes in advance.


Tours are on foot and include some stairs but can easily be adapted.Only the green roof is not accessible.

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  • Near a bicycle path
  • Partially accessible to persons with a physical impairment
  • Restrooms

Information and reservations

514 289-2316

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How to get there

The Centre for Sustainable Development

50, Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Montréal, Québec
H2X 3V4

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