School tours

Feel like a different kind of field trip? Whether you want learn more about hydropower, explore the world of electricity or discover a page of our history, you’re sure to find one of Hydro-Québec’s facilities fascinating.

Our tours are recommended for elementary Cycle 2 and up, and are tailored to the Québec Education Program. Cégep and university students will also be interested, as well as those in vocational training programs.

Take advantage of the opportunity! It’s free!

Hydro-Québec is taking part in the Culture in the schools Program – Scientific Culture Component, which gives students the chance to visit various science organizations. School field trip fees are covered in part by the Program.

Preparing for your visit

We have a variety of educational resources to help you prepare your students for their visit or to carry out transfer-of-learning activities afterwards.

Free guided tours throughout Québec

Explore our generating stations, dams and other facilities by education level or region. Or browse through the whole list and make some amazing discoveries!

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