Access request form

Do you wish to submit a request to access Hydro‑Québec’s administrative documents or a request to access or to correct the personal information it has about you?

Please refer to the Access-to-information request section for more information.

Note that if your request concerns personal information about another person or information about a legal person, consent by the person concerned or their authorized representative, and obtained separately from any other information communicated, must be submitted (as an attachment). If you fail to submit acceptable consent, you will be denied access to the requested documents.

For consent to be valid

  1. it must be duly signed;
  2. it must indicate the information that your request concerns so that the person intended can understand what they are consenting to, using a consent written in simple terms;
  3. it must be obtained in a context permitting real choice, or does not prevent authorization to access to information;
  4. it must be given specifically for the purposes of your request; and
  5. its duration shall be limited to the time required to process the application.

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