Our energy

Hydro-Québec: major player in clean and renewable energy production

We produce more than 99% of our electricity from water—a source of clean, renewable and reliable energy.

Hydro-Québec is internationally renowned in the field of hydroelectricity and large transmission systems. The hydroelectricity it produces and the impressive expertise it has amassed over a number of major projects have contributed to Hydro-Québec’s central role in the fight against climate change. Hydroelectricity generates very little greenhouse gas and its use curbs the emission of large quantities of greenhouse gas.

Hydro-Québec also supports the development of other technologies, such as wind energy and biomass, through purchases from independent power producers. In view of the energy transition of our off-grid systems, we have launched projects that focus on using residual forest biomass in Obidjiwan and wind-diesel pairing in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine region.

Complementary energy sources

Wind power

While continuing to develop hydropower, its main means of generation, Hydro-Québec is supporting the growth of another renewable: wind power.

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Other energy sources

In addition to hydropower and wind power, Hydro-Québec also makes use of other energy sources, such as biomass.

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Our energy