Québec Hydropower: Energy for the Future

Québec has vast hydraulic resources, in the form of some 500,000 lakes and 4,500 rivers that cover 12% of its surface area.

Facilities along a river
Toulnustouc reservoir and spillway, in Côte-Nord

For over 50 years, Hydro-Québec has harnessed and developed this potential, with due concern for profitability and respect for the environment and host communities.

When developed with a sound environmental approach, hydropower offers an ideal means of meeting the major challenges facing North America in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring a secure supply of electricity.

Québec hydropower is: A constant and reliable energy source A clean and renewable energy source

At the end of 2015, the company operated a 36,912 MW generating fleet, with hydropower accounting for over 99% of its output. Hydro-Québec is not only one of the largest power generators in North America, it is also among the world’s leading producers of hydropower.

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