A Partnership Approach

To benefit from complementary expertise while sharing both resources and risks, Hydro-Québec has adopted a partnership approach to innovation, collaborating with universities, public research agencies and industrial firms. Examples:

Contributions to universities

Hydro-Québec supports Québec universities in the form of research contracts and funding for research chairs.

Collaboration with Ouranos consortium

A collaboration on regional climatology and adaptation to climate change, which involves predicting the effect this change will have on electricity demand and hydropower generation in Québec over the coming decades.

Partnerships with public and private research players inside and outside Québec

Hydro-Québec is now involved in about 100 alliances, which provide it with real benefits while giving exposure to Québec expertise. Examples:

  • With Alstom and Rio Tinto Alcan, the company is developing a robot that can perform a range of maintenance and repair jobs on hydropower station turbines and gates.
  • With TAG Corporation (India), Hydro-Québec entered into an agreement to market the spacer-damper system developed in its laboratories.
  • With Consolidated Edison (U.S.A.), the company is running a demonstration program for technology designed to test the insulation of low-voltage underground cables.
  • With the GCE Group (Russia), Hydro-Québec signed a framework agreement under which energy efficiency innovation projects will be conducted for small, medium and large industry.

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