Act, regulations and conditions of electricity service

Hydro-Québec is a government corporation with a single shareholder, the Québec government. Its responsibilities and operation are governed by the Hydro-Québec Act. In addition, its rates for the Québec market are regulated by the Régie de l’énergie.

Hydro-Québec Act

The Hydro-Québec Act governs the company’s operations and defines such aspects as its mission and rules of governance.

Under the provisions of the Hydro-Québec Act, the government corporation is mandated to supply power and to pursue endeavors in energy-related research and promotion, energy conversion and conservation, and any field connected with or related to power or energy. The corporation is required, in particular, to supply a base volume of up to 165 TWh a year of heritage pool electricity for the Québec market, as set out in the Act respecting the Régie de l'énergie.

Régie de l’énergie

In 1996, the Québec government established Québec’s energy board, an agency responsible for regulatory supervision of the distribution and transmission of electric power. The Régie de l’énergie’s mission is to reconcile public interest, consumer protection and the fair treatment of the electricity transmission provider and distributors. The agency ensures that energy needs are satisfied while promoting sustainable development as well as individual and collective equity.

Electricity rates

Hydro-Québec Distribution sells electricity to its various categories of customers under different terms and conditions and at different rates. All information on this subject is available in the following documents:

Conditions of Electricity Service

Conditions of Electricity Service is a document aimed at all Hydro-Québec customers. It sets out the conditions related to electricity service contracts, billing and payment, supply modes and connection to the system, as well as the rights and obligations of customers and the Distributor.

Corporate governance bylaw

The Règlement de régie interne d’Hydro-Québec [Corporate governance] bylaw deals with the way Hydro-Québec’s Board of Directors exercises its power as well as other administrative measures that apply to the company.

Bylaw respecting the functions and powers of company officers

This bylaw defines the functions and powers of Hydro-Québec’s main officers.

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