If your business or organization has a place of business in Québec, you may participate in Hydro-Québec’s Efficient Solutions Program by submitting a project for any building owned, operated or occupied by one or more of your customers. As a project aggregator, you will represent customers that are too small to have access to the program, and you will receive the financial assistance.

Your role as an aggregator

Your responsibilities are the same as those of an eligible customer that submits a project for a building it owns, operates or occupies. In other words, your role is the same as any program participant’s.

As an aggregator, you will:

  • bring together projects related to more than one building owned, operated or occupied by one or more of your customers into a single integrated project
  • be Hydro-Québec’s only point of contact throughout the project
  • notify each of your customers that owns, operates or occupies the building(s) targeted by the project and provide Hydro-Québec with written proof
  • inform your customers of your role as well as the program requirements by sending them the Notice of participation in the Efficient Solutions Program  [DOCX 33 Ko - in French only.]
  • take all necessary actions with your customers to fulfill your undertakings
  • submit all the documents required by Hydro-Québec in a single application for financial assistance
  • comply with all the requirements set out in the Participant’s Guide [PDF 626 kB – in French only] and Conditions and Undertakings [PDF 95,9 Ko – in French only]: use the OSE online tool to submit the application to Hydro-Québec under the Simplified Option
  • obtain copies of all supporting documents related to the project
  • ensure that the results and documents comply with program requirements
  • receive the financial support and Relevé 27

Your benefits as an aggregator

  • receive the financial assistance
  • sharpen your competitive edge
  • become an energy efficiency influencer
  • be a force for change
  • represent customers that would otherwise not have been able to enrol in the program
  • expand your business footprint in the market
  • simplify the process for your customers

Who can become an aggregator?

Any business or organization with an office in Québec, including:

  • specialized contractors
  • equipment distributors
  • consulting engineering firms
  • energy savings companies
  • customer associations
  • members of one of these associations

Do the math

Check whether your project is among the eligible measures under the Simplified Option and calculate the amount you may be entitled to in just a few steps.

Simple and easy!

Submit your request as soon as your project is completed and receive your financial assistance quickly.

Download the
OSE tool
[EXE 11.4 MB
– in French only]

*The OSE tool is available only for Windows.

Video: OSE tool

Duration: 2 minutes 26 seconds

Transcription de la vidéo Outil OSE

Transcript of the video (In French only) Outil OSE

(In French only)

For more information on the terms and application process: Participant's Guide [PDF 1.09 MB – in French only]

Additional documents:

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