Financial assistance

  • 50% of eligible costs, up to a ceiling of $25,000 per analysis
  • Cumulative maximum as of May 1, 2015: $100,000 per site (for all analysis projects)

Useful and cost-effective!

Useful because it helps identify energy efficiency projects that are a good fit for your company and quantify the costs and benefits of potential electricity savings or efficient use of electricity, and

Cost-effective because it helps determine areas of recurring electricity savings.

Examples of eligible projects

Eligible projects must aim to reduce specific electricity consumption or achieve better operational efficiency in terms of electricity use.

  • Examples: Replacement of a fuel-fired kiln with a more efficient electric model
  • Heat recovery from a process using an efficient piece of electrical equipment
  • Replacement of a refrigeration system
  • Control automation
  • Diagnostic of a plant’s electricity management system

Since February 15, 2017, the following types of analyses have been eligible:

  • Water chillers and industrial refrigeration, even though these measures are among the tools in the Prescriptive Measures component
  • Replacement of fossil fuel technologies by efficient electrical technologies
  • Process controls and automation
  • Power demand management to lower peaks on Hydro-Québec’s grid

Get on board

Download the Participant’s Guide to find out how to implement your project. It includes the eligibility criteria and application procedure.

Participant’s Guide [PDF 157 Kb - in French only]

Documents and Tools

Important notice

The Industrial Systems Program was amended on February 15, 2017.

  • New streamlined versions of the project proposal form and Participant’s Guide are now available.
  • The types of eligible analysis were expanded.

Frequently asked questions

I didn’t submit a project proposal form before starting work on my energy efficiency project. Is my project eligible under the Program?

To take part in the Program, you absolutely must submit your project proposal form, if required, before the work start date. Otherwise, your project will be refused.

I have to submit a project proposal form, but I’ll need help filling it in properly. What should I do?

Call the Industrial Systems Program’s business customer services at 1 800 463-9900, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Your request for assistance will be forwarded to a technical expert, who will call you to answer your questions and guide you through the process.


In order to qualify for financial assistance, both the building and the project you are submitting must be eligible for the program. Some projects that are not eligible for this program, may be eligible for the Buildings Program – Catered Component

To participate in the Energy Analysis component of the Industrial Systems Program, you must submit a project proposal form before issuing the first purchase order or signing the first contract associated with your project. The Participant’s Guide [PDF  411 Kb - In French only] contains a detailed explanation of the steps to follow and a list of all the tools to be used.

Start date

  • Date the analysis was begun by an internal specialist
  • Date the first contract for work on energy efficiency measures was signed

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