Clean energy to power us all.

At Hydro-Québec, we generate over 99% of our power from a clean energy source. And it’s renewable, just like the energy that motivates us day after day to develop tailor-made solutions for Québec and all Quebecers. We’ve been a global clean energy leader for over 75 years. Today, more than ever, we’re looking forward to the future and outward to the world.

Hydro-Québec is much more than a bill: it’s a global leader that supplies 8 million Quebecers with power, over 99% of it generated from a clean source. But that’s not all.

Thanks to our 99% clean energy, Québec is one of the greenest places in the world.

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We’re helping develop smart houses to better manage energy.

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We’re rolling out charging stations throughout Québec.

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We supply 8 million Quebecers with power, over 99% of it from a clean source.

Hydro-Québec generates more than 99% of its electricity from water—a source of clean, renewable energy. To distribute power throughout Québec, it takes a reliable grid, supported by almost 20,000 dedicated employees. By exceeding industry best practices and developing innovative technologies, we’re preserving the environment and meeting the energy needs of present and future generations.

Our power is the cheapest in North America.

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We’re creating batteries to store wind power, solar power and hydropower.

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We’re testing solar panels in the extreme conditions of the Far North.

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We’re developing electric motors to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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We’re a global leader in clean energy and many countries seek out our expertise.

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