Submitting an Application

Project Evaluation Criteria

Once your project has been deemed eligible, it will be evaluated on the basis of the following four general criteria.

  • Environmental justification
  • Compatibility with the Foundation's objectives and principles
  • Judicious choice of strategy based on target audiences
  • Improvement or gains compared to the current situation
Design quality
  • Well-defined target and clear objectives
  • Clear and proven methods that are well suited to the problem at hand
  • Compatibility with the natural environment
  • Adequacy and qualifications of human resources
  • Realistic, detailed work plan
  • Realistic, itemized budget
  • List of approvals and permits required
Implementation guarantees
  • Proponent's ability to manage the project (quality of previous accomplishments)
  • Partners' commitment and credibility
  • Experience and training of the project team
  • Level and credibility of community support
  • Compatibility with local land use and socioeconomic development plans
  • Compatibility with Hydro-Québec facilities and property, as well as agreements signed with local communities
Expected benefits
  • Relevance of the selected results indicators
  • Cost/environmental benefit ratio
  • Type and size of targeted audiences
  • Effectiveness of proposed means for ensuring sustainability
  • Effectiveness of proposed means for disseminating project results and providing visibility for the Foundation