Annual Report 2016

The Foundation is accomplishing Hydro-Québec's desire to improve and protect Québec's environment by funding community initiatives for the restoration, long-term protection and enhancement of natural areas.

Over the past 16 years, the Foundation has granted upwards of $14 million to 256 different initiatives, generating total spinoffs of more than $46 million. The projects supported were in all of Québec's regions and were undertaken through the staunch dedication to environmental protection of 140 organizations.

The Foundation financed 18 projects in 2016 for a total investment of $971,480. They concern lands, forests, rivers and wetlands in nine of Québec's administrative regions. This report bears witness to the energy and determination of our partner organizations, to their involvement with local communities and their commitment to environmental accountability. We are honored to support some of their achievements and privileged and proud to share them with you in this report.