Thermal Generating Stations

Because they burn fossil fuels, thermal power plants cost more to operate and emit more pollutants in comparison to hydroelectric generating stations.

While these facilities represent only a small portion of Hydro-Québec's overall generating capacity–about 3% in 2002–they play a vital role in meeting Québec's baseload and peak energy requirements. They're also useful in supplying power to remote, off-grid regions such as the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

The role of thermal generation at Hydro-Québec
Some thermal power stations operate continuously to meet baseload energy needs; for instance, diesel generating stations. Others, such as gas-fired facilities, operate only when demand is high and hydroelectric facilities are working at maximum capacity.

Name Type Installed capacity (MW) Number of units Commissioning date Tours
Bécancour Gas-fired turbines 411 4 1992–
24 plants* Diesel 130 n/a n/a No

*Hydro-Québec operates diesel-powered facilities to supply its off-grid systems. The diesel-powered facilities are the responsibility of Hydro-Québec Distribution.

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