Division Profile

Réservoir Robert-Bourassa
Robert-Bourassa Reservoir

Our mission
Hydro-Québec Production generates electricity to supply the domestic market and sells its excess output on wholesale markets. We also offer balancing and firming capacity services to Hydro-Québec Distribution to offset variations in wind farm output and thereby facilitate the integration of this energy source.

Our facilities
Our generating fleet comprises 59 hydroelectric generating stations and 2 thermal generating stations, representing assets worth $25.8 billion and installed capacity of 35.7 GW. We also have 26 large reservoirs with a storage capacity of 175 TWh, and 761 dams and control structures.

Our activities
We supply Hydro-Québec Distribution with a heritage pool of 165 TWh of electricity per year. Above this volume, we sell our output in Québec, in response to tender calls by Hydro-Québec Distribution, and outiside Québec, on wholesale markets in northeastern North America.

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