Second quarter 2017

Hydro-Québec: Over 17% increase in second-quarter net income compared to 2016

For the quarter ended June 30, net income totaled $359 million, a $53-million increase compared to $306 million in 2016. The reliability and optimal management of our generating and transmission facilities allowed us to seize business opportunities on external markets, leading to strong growth in net electricity exports. That’s the reason why our net income for the quarter increased by more than 17% over last year.

Quarter highlights

  • Markets outside Québec: Sharp rise in net electricity exports
    • Increase of $101 million or 40% compared to second quarter 2016
    • Volume of 7.4 TWh, up 0.9 TWh over last year
  • Québec market: 1.0-TWh decrease in electricity sales from 2016
    • Temperatures near normal in April 2017, compared to colder temperatures in April 2016
  • Major investments throughout Québec
    • Ongoing construction and connection of the Romaine hydroelectric complex
    • Work in progress on the 735-kV Chamouchouane–Bout-de-l’Île project
    • Refurbishment of power generation and transmission facilities

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