Lighting and bulbs

Lighting accounts for between 5% and 10% of a household’s total power consumption. Getting into good habits and using efficient products can make a big difference to your electricity bill.

Heating and air-conditioning

With our Québec climate, we have to heat our homes in winter and cool them in summer. Fortunately, there are many products available to help us make wise use of our heating and air-conditioning.

Water heating

Water heating is the second biggest use of electricity, if you have an electric water heater. But there are lots of products to help optimize your energy use. Just think about it a little!

Household appliances

There are many high-quality appliances on the market that use less energy, so you can save money and reduce your impact on the environment. ENERGY STAR® certified products are energy-efficient and top performers. Look for the symbol!

Household appliances

Home electronics

Home electronics may use a lot of power, especially if they’re left plugged in all the time. The electricity they use even when they’re turned off is called standby load or phantom power. Just a few small changes to your habits can make a big difference.


A swimming pool can use 25 times more electricity in just one summer than a typical new fridge does in an entire year. Several products can help make your pool more efficient.

Recycling for the environment

Hydro-Québec encourages you to dispose of your old appliances or recycle your residual material properly. In Québec, municipalities and regional county municipalities (RCMs) are responsible for waste management within their jurisdictions.

For more information on services offered or to find out if there is a recycling depot near you, call your municipality or RCM.

Directory of municipalities (in French only)

The Répertoire québécois des récupérateurs, recycleurs et valorisateurs directory (in French only)

Recyc-Québec is another excellent source of information. Visit their site at (in French only) or call 514 351-7835 in the Montréal area or 1 800 807-0678 elsewhere in Québec.

For more information on recycling CFLs or to locate the collection points nearest you, visit

The following retailers also offer a CFL recycling drop-off service:

  • IKEA
  • Rona
  • Réno Dépôt
  • Laferté
Energy Star

Energy efficiency certification

The energy efficiency certification granted by recognized organizations guarantees superior energy efficiency and often higher quality manufacturing. Certified products use less energy and save you money.

See types of certification
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