Same comfort, smaller footprint

When you choose a three-element water heater, you’re helping lower power demand at peak periods. The purchase price and electricity costs are comparable to those of conventional models. Since the elements work more regularly, three-element water heaters are more reliable and the availability of hot water doesn’t change. The water heater will last longer because of less stress on electrical components.

Find out how they work

It’s quite simple: Three elements work better.

Three-element water heaters are less power hungry than conventional two-element heaters. The three elements are less powerful and draw less wattage, which is particularly important during peak morning and evening periods. Even though they heat water more uniformly, they can supply the same amount of hot water as a conventional water heater of the same capacity.

The top element works alternately with the other two elements to heat water in the top part of the tank.

The middle element works when needed with the bottom one to heat water over a short period of time.

The low-power bottom element works almost constantly.

Where to buy a three-element water heater

The three-element water heaters currently on the market are manufactured by Giant and available in a 60-gallon size.


Hydro Solutions, Réno Dépôt, Rona, CANAC, Home Hardware, BMR.
Hydro Solutions, Réno Dépôt, Rona, CANAC, Home Hardware, BMR.

Plumbing contractors

Wolseley, Deschênes, juhoule Distribution, M.I. Viau and Fils Limited, Mirabel, Québec, 450-436-8221.

Please note that the Master Pipe-Mechanics Act requires water heaters to be installed by an accredited member of the Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ).

You can find a master pipe mechanics in the CMMTQ directory

Tried and tested technology

Hydro-Québec’s energy technology laboratory (LTE) conducted a two-year pilot project with 75 households to evaluate the three-element water heater’s performance. This initiative was in line with Hydro-Québec’s objective of encouraging industries, including water-heater manufacturers, to offer more environmentally friendly products.

The study showed that users do not see any difference in quality between the two-element model and the new environmentally responsible water heater. In fact, the three-element model is more reliable, since there is less stress on its electric components.

Two Elements vs. Three Elements

Unlike conventional two-element water heaters, whose power demand is concentrated during peak periods, three-element heaters draw less power and spread electricity demand throughout the day.

A good deed for the environment

The use of a single three-element water heater won’t make a huge impact on Québec’s power system. But if hundreds of thousands of households used three-element water heaters, the collective electricity needs would be better balanced thanks to lower power demand at peak periods.

Choosing a three-element water heater is an environmentally responsible choice that is part of a broad effort to use Québec’s hydroelectric resources more wisely.

Collectively, we use a lot of energy to heat water

Electricity demand varies throughout the day and year. Demand is particularly high during peak morning hours, between 7 and 11, and in the evenings between 5 and 9. During these periods, the average Québec household uses a lot of hot water.

A conventional two-element water heater requires a lot of wattage to get the job done, since its elements are very powerful. This high power demand, multiplied by the large number of households, puts a lot of pressure on Hydro-Québec’s system during peak periods.

Everything you need to know about winter consumption, power, energy and peaks

Individually, we can help lower demand

There is now an environmentally responsible way to heat water, even when electricity demand is high. Three-element water heaters spread electricity use throughout the day. Consequently, their power demand is lower than that of a two-element heater, which helps reduce Québec’s peak power demand.

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