Faced with population growth and the pervasiveness of appliances and electronics, we must target our efforts to curb electricity consumption, both individually and collectively. Everybody wins! But how are consumption costs measured?

More savings, more comfort!

Being energy wise means consuming less electricity without sacrificing comfort and while saving money. For example, a well-insulated home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and electronic thermostats maintain a more constant temperature and lead to savings. Hydro-Québec can help you make the wisest choices!

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Watch out for winter peaks!

In Québec, winter heating causes the demand for electricity to rise. In fact, heating accounts for over 50% of the power consumption of households that rely on electric heating. There are simple ways to consume electricity more responsibly, especially during peak periods. If we all do our part, Hydro-Québec can use the electricity savings to better meet the demand without having to purchase power from neighboring networks. All of Québec wins!

Protecting the environment

As North America’s leading hydropower producer, Hydro-Québec generates 99% of its electricity from water—a clean and renewable source. This is why Québec has such an enviable greenhouse gas emissions performance. Our energy savings help mitigate climate change and our electricity exports can help avoid the use of power generated by sources that are less green.

Québec’s carbon record = equivalent to taking 1,600,000 vehicles off the roads

1kWh = a refrigerator running for 20 hours

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