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Lemare Dam


The Lemare dam closes the forebay in the Rivière Lemare valley.

Structure Type Maximum height (m) Crest length (m) Volume of fill (m3)
Dam Sand and gravel 19.0 580 227,000

Instream flow release structure

The instream flow release structure is built into the right abutment of dike LR-34, near the dam.

During operation, the maximum spring instream flow discharged into the Rivière Lemare is 88 m3/s, which is the mean spring flood peak. The flow will be controlled to approximate the shape of the river's mean natural hydrograph (minimum of 5 m3/s).

The flow will not be controlled during the winter, when only the round bottom opening will remain open. Heating systems will de-ice the equipment prior to runoff season so that the instream flow can be controlled in the spring.

Spillway schema

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