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Nemiscau-1 Dam


Nemiscau-1 dam closes the tailbay in the north branch of the Rivière Nemescau.

This rockfill structure will have an asphalt concrete core, which is a first in Canada. Well known in Europe, this technique is used in the absence of till to ensure that a structure is watertight. Although there is no lack of till in the Nemiscau area, Hydro-Québec wishes to adopt this technique for use in future projects in northern regions, such as those being carried out on the Rivière Romaine, where till is harder to find.

Structure Type Maximum height (m) Crest length (m) Volume of fill (m3)
Dam Rockfill 12.9 340 87,000

Instream flow release structure

The Nemiscau-1 instream flow release structure is built of concrete and abuts the right end of the dam. It will maintain the mean flow in the Rivière Nemescau.

It is designed to restore a flow of between 4.9 m3/s (minimum instream flow) and 74 m3/s into the lower Rivière Nemescau.

Instream flow release structure

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