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Technical Innovations

Nemiscau-1 dam

Core to be constructed of asphalt concrete. Well known in Europe, this technique is used in the absence of till to ensure that a structure is watertight.

Although there is no lack of till in the Nemiscau area, Hydro-Québec wished to adopt this technique for use in future projects in northern regions, such as those being carried out on la Romaine, where till is harder to find.

Eastmain-1-A powerhouse

The superstructure was built of components prefabricated at the jobsite and then transported to the powerhouse site for assembly. One of the advantages of this method is that it speeds up the work.

Sarcelle powerhouse

Installation of bulb-type turbine generating units-a first for Hydro-Québec. Bulb-type units, where both the turbine and generator are housed within a watertight metal casing, work well in situations where there is little hydraulic head (about a dozen metres at the Sarcelle site) and high flow.

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