The following slide show contains images from : Jean-Paul Mousseau’s mural simulation

    Animation made up of photos of the Mousseau mural

    Entitled Lumière et mouvement dans la couleur (1961-1962), Jean-Paul Mousseau’s mural resembles a wall of stained glass that is illuminated from behind. This remarkable work, a precursor to multimedia, is lit by a system of 1,280 m of neon lights in eight different colors.

    These colors, each adjusted individually, alter the tones, and even the colors, of the mural. An entirely new colorscape is created each time the color of the light source varies. Changes to the individual lights overlap, creating an almost infinite variety of color patterns and the perpetual flux of the Mousseau mural.

    Restored in 2002, this piece is a treasured example of our cultural heritage and the centrepiece of the company’s collection. A cornerstone in the birth of public art in Québec, the work highlights the government’s recognition of modern art. It is located in the lobby of Hydro-Québec’s head office, it is presented to the public during visits to the reception centre.

    The Mousseau mural, a treasured example of Québec’s cultural heritage

    Anne-Claude Bacon, responsible for Hydro-Québec’s art collection, speaks briefly about the mural

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    Desiring to promote the Jean-Paul Mousseau mural, Hydro-Québec is proud to join Art Public Montréal, a Web site bringing together almost 500 works from across the city.

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