Wind Power

Combining Wind and Water

Hydro-Québec's Objectives

  • To continue working toward sustainable development
  • To guarantee a reliable, high-quality supply of electricity at a competitive price
  • To become a world leader in bringing wind power onto a large power grid



  • clean
  • renewable
  • available at all times
  • water can be stored and the flow through turbines can be controlled to generate electricity when it is needed

Wind power

  • clean
  • renewable
  • variable, depends on wind speed
  • wind cannot be stored and its speed cannot be controlled

The challenge: combine water and wind to make the most of both generating options.

Electric utilities need to maintain a balance between generation output (supply) and load (demand) at all times. This means that electricity must be available just when the customer needs it.

Since the output of a wind turbine varies according to wind speed and is only partially predictable, wind power must be used in conjunction with a more controllable source of energy. Countries with extensive wind capacity, such as Germany, rely on thermal generation to complement wind power.

In Québec, we use hydropower, a renewable type of energy, in conjunction with wind power.

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