Inspection and maintenance innovations for power transmission systems

Knowing the actual age of our equipment is critical when developing optimal investment strategies. Determining an accurate picture of the condition of our conductors and line components will help us make informed decisions on extending equipment life and future investments.

Our inspection and maintenance solutions allow us to safely inspect transmission lines in a wide range of geographic and climatic conditions without compromising continuity of service.

LINERANGER – An innovation for inspecting transmission lines.

The LineRanger robot, developed by Hydro-Québec's research institute (IREQ), is a new technological innovation for the efficient inspection of conductor bundles on high-voltage power lines. Widely used around the world, lines made up of conductor bundles present special challenges for robot locomotion. IREQ’s LineRanger represents a major breakthrough. Its cutting-edge features make transmission line inspection fast, easy and efficient.

LineRanger’s advantages

  • A revolutionary mechanism that moves the robot past obstacles smoothly and quickly
  • Fast and easy robot deployment by field crews
  • User-friendly control interface
  • Easy installation on the transmission line
  • Large-scale application
  • Inspection along about 20 km of line a day without interfering with power flow on live lines

A Revolution in Transmission Line Robotics

Hydro-Québec has developed a robot to inspect transmission line conductor bundles. This world first is a product of the inspection and maintenance robotics team that works out of the company’s research centre, IREQ.