In the context of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, we would like to reassure you our employees are on the job and will continue to be here for you. Hydro-Québec management has put its emergency measures into action, which means that a special committee is holding daily meetings to track the evolution of risk levels associated with COVID-19.

We are also in touch with our partners and suppliers who provide goods and services or who work at our facilities.

With health and safety top of mind, we will continue to provide information during this uncertain period to address your concerns.

We are sensitive to the fact that some customers may be experiencing financial difficulties associated with the COVID-19 crisis. If you expect to have trouble paying your bill, you can make a payment arrangement online, in your Customer Space or by phone.

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We are closely monitoring the situation and are taking all the necessary steps, in accordance with the directives issued by the Québec government, to ensure the health and safety of the public and of our teams. As activities gradually resume in response to government announcements, we will progressively reopen several jobsites to meet our customers’ needs and help restart the Québec economy. This return to work will be carried out with great care, in keeping with the recommendations of public health authorities.

  • In case of an outage, call 1 800 790‑2424 or consult the Outage map .
  • In case of an incident that could jeopardize public safety, call 1 800 790‑2424.

Our prevention measures
Acting early to reduce risks and uncertainty

For weeks now, our health and safety teams have been working on the following preventive measures:

Protecting employees

  • Implementation of all necessary measures to protect Hydro-Québec employees and contractors, and ensure that all applicable hygiene and social distancing measures are respected to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • We have asked employees who are able to work remotely to work from home for an undetermined period.
  • We have also asked all employees who have returned from travelling abroad to stay at home for a 14-day period after their return to Canada.
  • We have banned foreign business travel for all employees. Trips outside of Québec must be authorized by a member of the company’s Management Committee.
  • No visitors are allowed access to our buildings or facilities unless it is required for the company’s core mission to supply electricity (supervisor’s authorization required).

Protective measures for customers and employees in direct contact

The following measures are designed to protect our customers, employees and partners during required on-site work related to our activities.

Our customers and employees must:

  • Avoid all unnecessary direct contact.
  • Maintain a safe distance of two metres between each other.
  • Follow the safety measures issued by public health authorities.

Our employees must:

  • Withdraw if a customer shows any signs or symptoms associated with COVID-19 (flu-like symptoms, such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing).
  • Immediately inform their manager of any potential contact with a customer who has symptoms or presents a contagion risk.

Our customers must:

  • Ensure that areas where work is to be performed and access routes remain clear and accessible.

We are also implementing the following measures to limit the amount of work we carry out at our customers’ premises:

  • For any work to be performed inside a building, our employees must ask the customer the following when the appointment is being made or once on site:
    • Whether the customer is at risk of infection (flu-like symptoms, such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing), have any symptoms or have travelled outside Québec in the past 14 days)—if they are, the employee must communicate with their manager.
    • Whether specific measures need to be taken and applied (for a workplace).
  • For any work to be performed outside a building:
    • Call the customer in advance to confirm that we can do the work.
    • Inform the customer of our arrival on site while maintaining a distance of two metres.
    • Do not leave a door hanger notice once the work has been completed and call the customer if there is a problem.

You can count on us

We’re a keeping an eye on the situation at the local, national and international levels, every day.

At all times, Hydro-Québec will follow the instructions from government authorities and will continue to act responsibly to help limit the spread of the virus.

Though the current situation may last a while, rest assured that we will continue to fulfill our mission.

Stay informed about the most the recent COVID-19 news

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