Clean energy
to power us all.

A global leader in renewable energy, Hydro-Québec supplies 8 million Quebecers with power that is more than 99% clean. And our energy stands out from the competition.

The cheapest

Households in Toronto pay almost twice what Quebecers pay for electricity.

The greenest

Hydropower produces the lowest GHG emissions—five times less than solar power.

All ours

Hydro-Québec contributes $4.5 billion to the Québec government every year.

We are always looking to innovate. It’s the very purpose of our Center of Excellence.

The Center develops leading-edge technologies for tomorrow’s electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

Our research and achievements

Speeding up the evolution hybrid and electric vehicles

Speed up the evolution of hybrid and electric vehicles by focusing our efforts on developing safe, high-performance batteries that are affordable.

Developing storage solutions

Develop storage solutions, whether for small-scale communication systems or large power grids, to meet the growing demand for electricity while reducing the impact of batteries.

Thanks to the research conducted by the Center of Excellence and the development of new connected technologies, we foresee a sustainable future that begins today.

Heatmap with houses

We are working to create the city of the future by bringing together the most advanced energy technologies.

A community-centered initiative, the independent microgrid installed in Lac-Mégantic will bring together various interconnected energy generation, storage, management and control components. The project is based on the development of renewable energies and responsible energy consumption.

Integrated microgrid technologies

Smart homes
Solar panels
EV charging
EV charging
Energy storage batteries
storage batteries

Sharing our discoveries is one way we actively participate in the energy transition. And exporting our energy beyond our borders reduces our partners’ environmental footprint, while boosting our economy.

Electric pylon

We are proud of our energy.
And we are proud to share it.

Thanks to the stable prices of our green energy, our export volume reached a record high in 2018. As a result, Hydro-Québec, whose revenue increased 12% that year, is able to give more money to the Québec government. When we sell our hydropower, everybody wins.

Exporting our electricity avoided CO2 emissions equivalent to the annual emissions produced by 2 million vehicles.

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