Hydro-Québec: A partner in your energy transition

As North America’s largest producer of renewable energy and operator of an extensive high-voltage transmission system, Hydro-Québec is well positioned to help you develop your energy infrastructure. Our aim is to make long-term investments in power companies and large-scale energy assets. In addition to capital, we bring to the table our world-renowned expertise and some of the industry’s most advanced technological innovations.


Hydro-Québec around the world

Before deciding to bring its resources home in 2006 for an extensive domestic infrastructure program, Hydro-Québec held electricity generation and transmission assets in the United States, Central America, South America, Australia and China.

Investment portfolio (1996–2006)

United States

We held an interest in the Cross-Sound Cable Company, LLC, which built a 40 km, 330-MW HVDC underwater line between Connecticut and Long Island, NY.


After purchasing a stake in Consorcio TransMantaro S.A., we worked with the Graña y Montero group to build the 200-kV, 600-km Mantaro–Socabaya interconnection between northern and southern Peru, which we then operated.


Through our interest in Empresa de Generación Eléctrica Fortuna S.A., we operated the 300-MW Fortuna hydropower facility, the largest in the country at that time.


We held an interest in Meiya Power Company and Hunan C.C. Power Ltd.


  • Through our involvement in DirectLink (UJV), a joint venture with North Power and the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, we built and operated a 65-km, 180-MW HVDC underground interconnection linking the grids of New South Wales and Queensland.

  • Together with SNC-Lavalin, we formed the MurrayLink Transmission General Partnership, which built and operated a 180-km, 220-MW HVDC underground interconnection linking the grids of Victoria and South Australia.


Through our subsidiary HQI Transelec Chile S.A., we acquired and operated Transelec, Chile’s national power transmission company, and expanded its grid to approximately 10,000 km.

Costa Rica

Through our interest in Hidroeléctrica Río Lajas S.A., we built a 10-MW generating station in partnership with Corporación Superior.

Québec: The ideal place to set up your data centre

Looking for a site for your data centre? We offer a turnkey solution with benefits unparalleled anywhere else in North America:

  • Clean, reliable power from renewable sources
  • A skilled labor force
  • A climate that doesn’t require a large power draw for cooling
  • A large choice of locations
  • An advanced telecommunications network
  • Highly competitive electricity rates