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Structure leasing

Structure leasing: a proven expertise

For over 25 years, Hydro-Québec Distribution has been allowing other companies to use some of its structures – 1,500,000 poles and over 2,000 km of underground conduits – under a beneficial leasing arrangement.

If your company specializes in cable services, telecommunications or data transmission, our program can help you to set up and operate your own network under optimal conditions.

Documents available in French only

Benefits of our leasing program:

Wider access
You will be able to establish your network in most cities and towns in Quebec.
Proven reliability
All our underground ducts are encased in concrete to increase their strength and protect against damage.
Exacting maintenance standards
Our system is subject to daily monitoring and regular preventive maintenance.
Our civil engineering know-how
At your request, we can manage your civil engineering projects.
Technical support
To help you operate your network safely, we can supply you with technical specifications for our manholes as well as access and operating standards.

Combined leasing for best results

Leasing overhead as well as underground structures over a medium or long term will provide better conditions for optimizing your network's operation and maximizing your investment.

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