Before planting a tree or shrub when there is a medium-voltage line nearby, make sure you consider the safe planting distance indicated in the Choosing the Right Tree or Shrub tool. To ensure your safety, plant your tree or shrub at least that far from the power line.

What could happen if I plant a tree too close to a medium-voltage line?

1. The tree will grow and, sooner or later, a branch will most likely come into contact with the medium-power line.
2. If that happens, the current could flow through the branch, potentially causing electric shocks and injuries. The branch could also catch fire and cause damage. There could even be recurrent power outages, causing a great deal of trouble.
3. During an episode of strong winds, freezing rain or wet snow, a branch or even the entire tree could fall onto the power line, potentially creating an electrical hazard and a power outage affecting the entire neighborhood.
4. To prevent that from happening, Hydro-Québec will have to prune the dangerous branches periodically, and the tree will lose its natural shape.
5. Help ensure reliable electricity service and keep your neighborhood safe by planting the right tree in the right place.