BEFORE you dig: Info-Excavation

In addition to electricity distribution equipment, public utilities may also have underground equipment: telecommunications, cable distribution, natural gas, sewers, etc.

BEFORE you install a pool or fence, plant trees or shrubs, carry out any work underground, find out what’s down there:

Never dig less than 1.5 metres from the enclosure of a pad-mounted transformer

You could damage the grounding equipment found within it.

Grosse boîte rectangulaire (de 1,2 mètre sur 1,2 mètre environ) en métal de couleur verte, dotée de portes d’accès et qui est posée sur un socle en béton.

Respect the clearing around the enclosure

  • A clearing of 1.5 metres is recommended on either side and behind the enclosure. Be sure to clear branches and leaves and avoid planting flowers within this area.
  • A clearing of 4 metres is recommended in front of the doors to allow them to open and ensure the safety of workers who carry out maintenance.

Be sure to regularly maintain trees and shrubs planted close to the pad-mounted transformer to ensure that they don’t become too invasive as they grow.

Never camouflage the enclosure of a pad-mounted transformer with vegetation or any sort of panel.

Hydro-Québec employees must be able to locate this equipment easily and have access to transformers at all times for normal maintenance and emergency repairs.

The Right Tree in the Right Place: The Underground Distribution System [PDF-3.0 MB]

Examples of public utility equipment that should remain accessible

Joint-use enclosures
Telecommunications and cable-distribution network pedestals