Safety guidelines for flood victims

Before water gets into the basement

Cut the current to the whole house to prevent any risk of electric shock or fire.

  • First make sure you aren’t standing on a wet floor or leaning on anything made of metal.
  • Use a dry stick to flip the main breaker off.

Call your municipal emergency response service to find out what’s happening.

If water has started coming into the basement

Don’t touch anything! Call Hydro-Québec right away at 1-800-790-2424 to have service to the meter or pole cut.

When the water goes down

Guidelines for restoring power safely

  • If service was interrupted by Hydro-Québec, only a master electrician can make the request to have service restored.

    Only exception: If the property was not flooded, Hydro-Québec can perform an on-site check before restoring power. To make such a request, call 1-888-385-7252.

  • If service was not interrupted but there was water infiltration in the home, consult a master electrician (in French only) before restoring power. The electrician will be able to asses the condition of your electrical installation and carry out any required repairs.

Also, don’t forget:

  • Make sure the water is safe to drink and that your sanitary appliances are in good condition.
  • Throw away any food that has been in contact with the floodwaters.
  • Clean and disinfect any flooded rooms.
  • If water infiltrated the oil lines for your heating system, have your furnace and oil tank checked by a specialist. Corrosion may have damaged the burner or safety devices.

To find out more, go to the civil protection site