BEFORE putting in a pool, fence, trees or shrubs, BEFORE doing any digging, find out what’s down there:

Fill out an online request on the Info-Excavation Web site

Info-Excavation services

You just have to file a single request, and Info-Excavation will check for possible hazards with Hydro-Québec and all its other member utilities: natural gas, telephone, cable TV, etc.

  • Info-Excavation services are free throughout Québec.
  • Allow 72 hours for your online request to locate any underground equipment.
  • Allow three business days if a pipeline is involved, because you’ll need to obtain written authorization from the company that operates the pipeline.
  • Emergency service is provided for excavation work to maintain or restore essential services or prevent a potential danger to the public.
  • If necessary, the utilities affected by your work will arrange appointments to locate and flag pipe and cable locations.

If you don’t check before you dig

Never dig or allow any excavation, no matter how small, on your property until you’ve found out the location of underground installations from Info-Excavation. If you don’t take the proper precautions, you run all kinds of risks:

  • Interrupting essential services
  • Causing major property damage
  • Contaminating the environment
  • Being liable for someone’s injury or death