Technological Innovation


January 2014 – Looking for a partner

Meeir Technology Inc.Hydro-Quebec and Meeir Technology Inc. are looking for a partner for the valorization of a highly energy efficient cathode technology for the electrosynthesis of sodium chlorate. The successful candidate will be granted an exclusive licence of the technology. This electrode technology called CEC® (Chlorate Efficient Cathode) can allow energy savings of up to 10% depending on operating conditions. The worldwide exclusive licence includes several patents covering material compositions as well as processes and uses of technologies.

To come up with innovative and promising ideas, IREQ relies on open innovation. Our personnel carry out projects in partnership with firms, universities, governmental agencies and research centers from both Québec and abroad.

These partnerships allow us to develop, industrialize and market the technologies resulting from our innovation projects. They make it possible to:

  • Benefit from complementary expertise or new technologies
  • Share the means and potential risks inherent in research and development
  • Develop technological products which meet the needs of external markets
  • Benefit from a world-wide sale and distribution network and after-sales service

Would you like to create a partnership with one of our research teams for one of our innovation projects?
Please contact us.

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